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Phenolea by Phenofarm

Natural food antioxidant from olive fruits

Faravelli Inc is the official distributor of Phenofarm’s Phenolea Complex Plus in North America.


Phenofarm is the Italian company specialised in the production of solvent-free standardized extracts, clean-label, with high active compounds content derived from traced vegetal raw material destined to food preservationfood supplement and cosmetics.


Phenofarm uses eco-friendly and low environmental impact process, preserving energy and reducing waste, adding value to agri-food by-products. The whole agri-food by-products at the basis of the Phenofarm® manufacturing process are originated in Italy and the subsequent implementation of the traceability in the production process allows the production of traced natural extracts

Expressly dedicated to the food industry is the Phenolea®Complex range, an olive natural flavour - 100% Italian - extracted without chemical solvents, which provides natural and proper food preservation while maintaining a Clean Label.


Phenolea Complex Plus will be one of the products presented in Las Vegas, at Supply Side West 14, where Faravelli Inc will exhibit at booth #16013.


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