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Recurrent cystitis?

Cranberry extract can help!

Urinary tract infections (UTIs)  are very common in adult women, while rare in boys and men because of the length of the urethra,  and may become recurrent. The most common iscystitis, an infection of the bladder. It may particularly occur in Spring and Fall, and during particularly stressful periods.

Cranberry is one of the most powerful natural remedies against UTIs, thanks to its high phenol contents.

Oximacro® by Biosfered is a cranberry powder and liquid extract with the highest content of Proanthocyanidins (PACs, 36%) on the market. Its quality is assessed by DMAC and HPLC-MS/MS advanced analytical methods.

Oximacro® levels of PAC A are >80%, providing a strong protection against UTI.

Oximacro® is distributed by Faravelli Group, one of the official sponsors at NutraIngredients Awards 2015.

For more info: faravelli@faravelli.us



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