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DP powder dyes

Jet-Mate® DP powder dyes brochure now available

Jet-Mate® DP dye powders are tintorially strong, high purity dyes specifically suited for heat transfer printing.


Specifically selected for heat transfer and sublimation printing on polyester and polyester coatings. These powders can be formulated for litho and screen inks as well as gravure and also inkjet heat transfer printing applications.


Jet-Mate® DP powder dyes reduce environmental pollution and maintain required performances such as storage stability and high-quality recording images, but also can effectively prevent nozzle clogging.

There are many types of substrates that can be used, and they include textiles (T-shirts being the most common), ceramics (mugs), glass, plastics (key chains, identification tags, and decorative auto license plates), rubberized polyester (mouse pads, coasters), and coated metal, to name a few.

Moreover, dye-sublimation printing yields beautiful and permanent colors that are embedded in the substrate or fabric, rather than printed on the surface.

Jet-Mate® DP powder dyes are the most effective method for creating a wide range of customized and personalized products on demand. 

The Jet-Mate® DP powder dyes brochure now available under the Fine Chemicals section of the website.


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