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Traditional knowledge and scientific research

Obtained from about 300 species, EPO extracts are produced using cutting-edge technology to ensure the lowest environmental impact and total process control

Since 1933 EPO has been synonymous with cutting-edge research in the field of botanical extracts for food, food supplements, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications.


EPO is an Italian company with a thorough and highly specialised knowledge of officinal plants properties and use, strengthened by pioneering investigations into the plants’ active constituents.


Obtained from about 300 species, EPO products are extracted using the most modern technology available to ensure the lowest environmental impact (using only water and ethanol) and total process control.

The plants selected by EPO come from cultivations that are in complete harmony with nature and undergo a very severe examination in the in-house Quality Control lab to check their botanical identification, their quality and the absence of any contamination, in order to guarantee a product which is always of the highest quality, effectiveness and safe to use.


Certified according to the most stringent international standards, EPO also offers a range of DNA certified botanical extracts.


Perfectly combining traditional knowledge and scientific research, EPO’s extracts are distributed in North America by Faravelli INC.

If wish to learn more, visit our booth I174 at SSW17 in Las Vegas (25-29 September)


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