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Chia oil during pregnancy

Recent research suggests that Chia oil supplementation is great during pregnancy.

A study of 40 young and healthy pregnant women, age 22 -35 years, received either 12 g of chia oil daily for 9 months, from the third trimester of pregnancy until the first six months of nursing, or placebo (Valenzuela et all 2015).

This study shows that the ALA and EPA content in the erythrocyte membrane increased strongly in the Benexia® chia oil group compared to the control group, and significantly reduced the incorporation of linoleic acid (LA).
The total omega-3 content increased from 6,8% to 15,6% whereas the total content of unsaturated fatty acids remains constant.

This means that the ALA omega-3 from chia oil replaced omega-6 fatty acids in the membrane, so that the w6:w3 radio improved from 4:1 to almost 1:1 (1,3:1).

The full study can be requested at info@benexia.com

Chia oil from Benexia® is distributed in the USA market by Faravelli, Inc. 
Wish any further info, please GET IN TOUCH: faravelli@faravelli.us












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