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Chia fills the fiber gap

Benexia is a leading chia seed ingredients producer.
Recognized by the FDA and worldwide as a dietary fiber, Xia Powder-435 LM (56% fibers) by Benexia is a unique a blend of both insoluble (45%) and soluble (11%) fibers plus protein and omega-3, thus offering a great solution to achieve the recommended balance of 80% insoluble/20% soluble fiber.

Unlike other fibers, Xia Powder-435 LM is also high in omega-3 (more than 5% ALA omega-3) and has more than 20% plant-based protein; rich in minerals (potassium, phosphorus and calcium found naturally in chia), but very low in sugar, sodium, saturated fat and TFA. It is also very low on the GI index and helps to reduce the GI value in finished products.

Furthermore, it is 100% natural and gluten-free.
It is not hydrolyzed, hence its viscosity reduces the need for emulsifiers and stabilizers. It is stable and there is no aftertaste. These attributes result in higher quality finished products like smoothies, bars, cereals, syrups, fillings, breads, frozen bakery goods, brownies, snacks, and pastas.

Chia’s clean label and low environmental impact Xia Powder-435 LM easily matches consumers’ growing preference for clean label and sustainability.
In fact, Benexia’s manufacturing process does not include additives, processing aid ingredients, solvents, or enzymes.
The company has been a worldwide leader in chia production since 2000, fully adhering to responsible agricultural practices, and natural chemical-free processing with guaranteed zero waste.

Benexia Xia Powder-435 LM is distributed in the USA by Faravelli, Inc. For more info, please get in touch:faravelli@faravelli.us







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