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Microencapsulated Omega 3

Microencapsulation is very well known in industrial processes and in the field of human food/pharma nutrition.
This technology is a great approach to increase the effectiveness of the active principles, protecting them from oxidative deterioration and to improve their ingredient properties (e.g., handling and sensory).

Benefits of microcapsuled Omega 3

Microencapsulation of Omega 3 offers many benefits. 

  • Studies have shown that microencapsulation can significantly increase the absorption of active substances compared to non-microencapsulated Omega 3.
  • Thanks to the protective lipophilic coating, microencapsulated Omega 3 preserves the integrity of the nutrient from humidity and the acidity along the various intestinal tracts.
  • It ensures a slow release of the contents, increasing the dose efficiency.
  • The active ingredient is distributed with a large active surface all along the digestive tract due to its particular morphology.
  • It also preserves the stability of the product exposed to environmental factors, like light.
    Microencapsulated Omega 3: the Italian expertise 

    The Italian company SILA is a recognized expert in microencapsulation.
    SILA today covers the manufacture of target and slow-release products for the industry of animal/ human nutrition.  

    SILA works on laboratory research to coat and stabilize:

  • polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega 3 and omega 6 (P.U.F.A)
  • vitamins
  • organic/inorganic acids
  • amino acids
  • essential oils
  • trace elements

    Microencapsulated Omega 3 is ideal for veterinary products and human nutrition.

    SILA microencapsulated Omega 3 are distributed within the North America by Faravelli, Inc.








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